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7 Tips for Your Memorial Day BBQ

Memorial Day Weekend is finally here! How many of you are kicking off the summer season at our Lake of the Ozarks resort this weekend? A summer holiday celebration just wouldn't be the same without a BBQ right? Today's blog from Summerset Inn Resort offers some tips you can use to BBQ this weekend, either at our resort or your own place.

BBQ Tips and Tricks

1. Allow Your Grill to Heat Up. 

You'd be surprised at the number of people that throw meat on a cold grill and then fire it up. When it comes to good BBQ, you don't want to be in a hurry. By letting your grill heat up for at least 20 minutes, maybe more when you're using charcoal, you're allowing both the grill and the surrounding metal to come to an even temperature. This leads to a more efficient, controlled and safe cooking surface, as well as more evenly cooked meat.

2. Consider Tenderizing and Marinating. 

Not everyone does this, but tenderizing your meat with a tenderizing hammer will help the meat cook more evenly and stay more tender. Marinating your meat is another way to ensure it has great flavor and doesn't get dried out. However, you don't need to over-marinate it. Chicken and pork only need about an hour or two to marinate, while red meats can be soaked overnight if you want.

3. Don't Add BBQ Sauce Too Early. 

Keep in mind that BBQ sauce, while very tasty, is not a marinade, it's a condiment. It has a lot of sugar in it, and sugar can easily burn on the grill. Wait to brush the BBQ sauce on just before the meat is done cooking. Quickly mark the meat on the grill for a nice, caramelized flavor and then pull it off.

4. Soak Your Kebab Skewers in Water. 

If you're making kebabs for your BBQ, soak the wooden skewers in water first to keep them from burning. If you're using metal skewers instead, consider wiping them with a piece of paper towel dipped in oil to ensure the food doesn't stick to them.

5. Use the Vent on Your Grill. 

Many people don't realize the importance of the vent on their grill or how it works. Vent openings, both above and below the fire, aid in controlling both the temperature inside and the way your food cooks. Fully open vents on both sides create more heat. By rotating the lid and changing the position of the top vent, you can control the speed of your cooking. To create a convection effect, place the top vent opening on the opposite side of your bottom vent opening.

6. Let Your Meat Sit After Cooking. 

The meat is done and your mouth is watering! Don't be to quick to take a bite though, you should let your meat sit for a few minutes after taking it off the grill. This will help seal in the juices and keep the meat from drying out. Be sure not to cut the meat until you're ready to serve and eat it. Bonus Tip: Use tongs instead of a fork to avoid poking holes in your meat while it's cooking, as that can release those juices too.

7. Under is Better Than Over. 

When it comes to cooking meat, it's always better to be under than over on cook time. You can always throw something back on the grill to cook longer, but if you've over-cooked it, there's no fixing that mistake. If you're uncertain how long something has been cooking, go ahead and pull it off and check it out. Using a meat thermometer is the best way to ensure your meat is properly cooked, and to avoid the possibility of a foodborne illness.

BBQ Area at Summerset Inn Resort

Among the many great amenities at Summerset Inn is our lakeside BBQ area, complete with multiple charcoal grills and picnic tables. It's the perfect place to gather with family and friends this weekend, as well as a place to make friends with the other guests at the resort. Most of our resort units have kitchenettes, so you'll easily be able to store food and leftovers in your room before and after your BBQ.

Whether you're celebrating at our waterfront resort at the Lake of the Ozarks with us or somewhere else, we hope you have a wonderful and safe Memorial Day Weekend! While the holiday weekend is the kick-off of the summer season at the Lake of the Ozarks, please remember why we celebrate Memorial Day, for all those who chose to give their lives defending our country. Be sure to take a moment this weekend to reflect on all that we have been given because of their sacrifice. Enjoy your long weekend!

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