Thursday, October 30, 2014

24 Last Minute Halloween Costumes

One of America's favorite holidays is tomorrow!  Today everyone will be running around picking up the streamers they forgot or some extra bags of candy to put the finishing touches on their spooky holiday plans.  Did Halloween sneak up on you this year? No worries...Summerset Inn Resort has you covered with these quick and easy last minute Halloween costume ideas!

Easy Halloween Costumes to Throw Together in Minutes

Traditional Halloween Costumes

  • Witch - dress in all black, put on a pointy hat grab a broom and fly off into the night
  • Scarecrow - grab a flannel shirt, a floppy hat and paint some stiches on your face to create a simple scarecrow look
  • Skeleton - all you need is some black makeup to create a scary skeleton face
  • Ghost - you've probably heard this one before, grab an old white sheet, cut some eye holes and voila you're a ghost

Everyday People Costumes

  • Jazzerciser - grab your stretchy pants, some neon colored clothes and a headband to dance your way to fun
  • Young Child - grab your footy pajamas and carry around a teddy bear
  • Nerd - Add some tape to the middle of your glasses and grab some high-waisted pants, make it even better with a bowtie and some suspenders
  • Robber - black clothes, a dark beanie and some gloves make the perfect burglar costume
  • Cowboy - all you need is a plaid shirt, a bandanna and a cowboy hat for this costume
  • Painter - dip a paint brush in some paint, smear some on an apron and you're good to go
  • '80s People - put your hair in a side pony, grab your neon clothes and some legwarmers

Movie Star Costumes

  • Men in Black - all you need is a black suit and some dark sunglasses 
  • Identity Thief - buy some sticky name tags, write some random names on them and stick them to your clothes 
  • Risky Business - all you need is an oversized dress shirt and some sunglasses
  • Iron Chef - if you have a chefs hat and an iron, you can transform yourself into an Iron Chef 
  • Medusa - Put some toy snakes on your head and add some dramatic eye makeup 

Clever Costumes 

  • Static Cling - gather up those unmatched socks you have and attach them to your solid colored outfit, its as simple as that
  • Nickelback - stick nickels on the back of your shirt to become "Nickelback" 
  • Ceiling Fan - grab an old T-shirt and write "Go Ceiling" on it, some pom-poms or a foam finger will complete the look 
  • Party Animal - dress in your favorite animal print, use some face paint to add more detail
  • Candy Rapper - tape some candy to your hoodie, put your baseball cap on backwards and grab some shades to become a "Candy Rapper" 
  • Fork in the Road - take white duct tape to a black shirt and tape a plastic fork to the center
  • "Smartie" Pants - take the nerd costume with taped glasses and suspenders, tape some smartie candies to your pants and tada you're a "Smartie" pants
  • "When Life Gives You Lemons..." - take an old shirt and write LIFE on it in permanent marker, then grab a bag of lemons and go make some lemonade

Summerset Inn Resort wishes you a safe and happy Halloween this weekend!  Summerset is perfect for a romantic getaway or a large family reunion.  From our 1 bedroom units to five bedroom villas, we can accommodate any size group.  Our Lake of the Ozarks resort will be closing tomorrow for the season, but it's never too early to start planning for next Spring!  Call us at 573-348-5073 to get your vacation on the books now!

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