Monday, November 4, 2013

Frequently Asked Questions about Lake of the Ozarks Boat Lifts!

When it comes to Lake of the Ozarks Boat Lifts, Summerset Boat Lifts is the #1 source for quality products and expert knowledge in the industry!!  Here are some frequently asked questions that we hear from our clients. 

Q. When I purchase a new boat, what costs are involved with adjusting the boat lift that I already own to fit my new boat

A.  Most people think that their current boat lift just needs a simple adjustment to fit a new boat; however, most often this is not the case.  Boat lifts are based upon balance, if the weight of the boat is not properly distributed, then misloading can cause lift and boat damage.  Depending on the length and weight differences between boats, the lift may have to be moved within the slip, along with the bunks that hold the boat being adjusted.  Please take the time to call your boat lift dealer getting their opinion first as it could save you money!!

Q.  What can I do to make sure my boat lift stays in great condition?

A.  Your boat lift will definitely perform best if it is well maintained.  The rough waters of Lake of the Ozarks can really take a toll on your boat lift, so maintenance along the way is the key to extending the life of your lift.  A bushing is on a "wear point" but are not designed to last forever.  By checking your lift to make certain that all pivot connections and bushings remain tight, you’ll extend the life of your boat lift tremendously!

Q.  I’ve got a boat slip that is way too big for my current boat. How can I utilize the space I have and still have access to my boat?

A.  If you’ve got a 16’ wide boat slip and your pleasure boat is only 8 ½’ wide, you may  need to put considerable thought into how your boat lift will accommodate your needs. By offsetting a boat in the slip to one side or the other, you gain perfect access to one side of the boat, but lose total access to the other. That is where a walkway becomes a great feature to invest in. The walkway can be built to the length of your boat which regains you great access to that side. With guide posts to limit your travel and a walkway next to your boat, you’ve created a wet-storage situation where you can maintain and cover your boat with ease!

From our first few lifts in 1982, to the many new and pre-owned lifts we now sell and service each year, Summerset Boat Lifts has been there "Lifting your Dreams from canoes to cruisers"!

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